Project.Snowboard.Chile is a project with the goal of exploring Chile's ski resorts and the Andes out of a Snowboarder's, budget point of view. Because most of us don't have the money it takes to live in hotels, fly up with helis and cruise around in rental cars. This project is for the one thing everyone has in common: the love and passion for snowboarding. The idea is to review Ski resorts and other snow covered surfaces that could possibly be boarded and their potential for progressive riders, including backcountry riding, freestyle and just normal slope riding.
The objective and final goal of the project is to gather information and material to produce an interesting, useable source of knowledge, targeting the everyday rider, rather than an elite group of rich snowboarders. The material may be sold to magazines, websites, TV-stations, or any other media hub interested in such an approach to snowboarding the Andes. Apart from gathering photo/film material, writing reviews and articles, life blogging of the project will be a main effort to reach out to the snowboard community.

At the moment the project is still in its planning phase and needs to be formulated in greater detail. Adaptions and prepositions are welcome if a magazine/sponsor comes up with special wishes or needs to focus on a more specific region or area.

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